Sunday, 31 May 2015

The Best Bits from Louis CK's New Stand-up.

It's not my opinion, it's the truth. Louis CK is the best stand-up comic out there. He is one of those rare comedians who use observational humour to make you laugh and throw some light on what makes us human. So his jokes aren't basically about the things we do and the things that happen to us, he makes his act seem relevant in the larger scheme of things. Granted his new special 'Louis CK: Live at the Comedy Store' does not contain the fireworks from his previous specials, but when he does hit the right note, he completely nails it. Here's a glimpse of my favourite zingers.

'One of my hobbies is I collect dust.

That's the first joke from Jay London's opening act and with a start like that, you know you're in for something good. On a side note, although Jay's whole clueless comedian bit is a little hacky but he makes it work like a charm. Look him up.
'My baby was really upset on the plane, and this guy, some businessman on the plane, 'cause businessmen always think that every flight is a private plane of theirs that we're all, like, piggybacking on.

I love CK and his take on aviation.

'I was on a plane once and there was two babies on the plane. And other people, it wasn't just...It wasn't just me and two babies. That would be weird.

You can't imagine how off-the-wall the rest of the bit is.

'...Cause a dog dying is an opportunity to deal with death with your kids. It's like a dry run for Grandma.

On the death of his dog.

'Self love is a good thing, but self awareness is more important.

Can't really stress enough on something like. 

Louis CK 2012 Shankbone 3
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