Friday, 8 May 2015

I Will Sleep When I Die.

Sleep's always been the enemy. The necessary evil. The precursor to the big sleep. After all sleeping is a lot like dying. Closed eyes? Check. Essential body functions not working? Sort of. Consciousness off? Yep.

I thought every time I slept, I wasted time. I died a little. And little by little geared up for the big sleep. So I made sleep the enemy. I'd lose sleep to do something productive. Heck,  I'll miss out on sleep but not on my leisure time.

Which frankly is a little silly. As a bio student with honours, I know the importance of sleep and the implications of missing out on it. But I never changed my night owlish ways.

So starting today, I call truce. I say to sleep, let's meet for some 8 hours a day. Realistically more than the usual five-ish. Let's not get hostile when we meet each other on afternoons.

Because sleep, my old friend, you aren't the enemy.  I am the enemy. If I have to do certain things, I'll find a way to make room for them. I'll find a way to tune out the noise.  Turn off the internet. The stuff that gets in the way of my sleep.

This is my first ever sleep resolution. I'll sleep on it tonight and soon let you know how I fair. Night.

PS: In the spirit of full disclosure, slept six-ish hours last night.

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