Sunday, 12 April 2015

Without Consistency, You'd Get Nowhere.

I nearly bleeping did it. For 5 days in a row, in an advertising workweek, I ran every single day. It sounds a little exaggerated. And to a certain degree it is. But after days of trying, I managed to get up early every day. Even on days when I was burning the midnight oil in office, I pulled myself together for a run. And then as usual shit went wrong. Went out with my colleagues after a particularly long day at work, had a commitment to keep on the wrong side of town in the morning and I couldn't run. Aaaargh.

The point to remember is, we need rituals. Rituals dictate rhythm. Rhythm builds momentum. And with momentum on your side, anything's possible. With that, I hope to call it a night and try and run 7 days in a row this coming week.

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