Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Sharing Is Growing.

Knowledge is power. Hoarding knowledge, of course means exclusivity and economical leverage. If you do that, you would be like Apple. You'd hold on to your patents and reap on their rewards. 

Or you could be like Google. Take an operating system like Android and make it Open Source. Let people build and experiment with it. Slowly and steadily, you too would move forward and piggyback on the system's growth.

Individually, we all face similar choices. Do we hold on to the information we have or do we share it? Right now, I offloaded some insights I gained over the years to a junior. 30 minutes later he gave me some output that was exactly what the brief needed. I could have hoarded that information. I could have used it as leverage. I could have worried about his growth affecting my standing in the system. Instead I accepted that as the system grows, I'll grow with it.

The choice at the end is yours. Will you hoard or will you share? 

Photo credit: Got Credit
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