Friday, 3 April 2015

I'm Having a Brit Week.

The Who. Pink Floyd. Ricky Gervais. Michael Caine. Ian Mckellen. Both sirs there. Ian McEwan. Will soon be knighted, I think. JK Rowling.  Martin Amis. Kingsley Amis. The Queen. The now raging queen of glam rock Florence Welch. Keira Knightley. Wait, why am I listing down the names of great British artists at 1 in the night?

I just finished Bryson's delightful Notes from a Small Island. It's a lovely rib-tickling read. In it, as he waxes poetic about his adopted country, he mentions how despite its size, England has had such a great impact on the world's landscape. Both culturally and otherwise. Now, if you remember the Danny Boyle directed Olympics closing ceremony (the one with Bond and the real Queen as a Bond girl), he said  that the 'British cultural invasion never stopped' and to a certain degree he is right.

I mean look at them. We still love the music Brits make. The movies they make are often superior to movies from other countries and  are hot favourites at the awards season too. Of course, you can argue that England once ruled over half of the world and English is still our lingua franca. But you can't deny that America still dictates what pop culture we consume and they sure as hell make more stuff than England does. But there's a stark difference between the quality of Brit and American films. I'll leave it to you to decide which ones you like better.

Anyway, overcome with a love for all things British, I've decided that I will be only watching British films this long weekend. I watched the lovely underrated comedy The Full Monty earlier this week. I'm watching the surprisingly sweet (at least, so far) Shawn Meadows' debut This is England right now. I'll keep you posted on what's next on the list and what I thought about it. 
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