Thursday, 19 March 2015

Fuck the Cavalry - Mark Duplass Shows You How To Get Ahead In Films.

You can now use your iPhone to make a neat looking short film. The result? Anyone and everyone can make content. Or rather make movies. That has adversely affected the quality of content out there but you can't deny it has given more power to the makers. Although the process of creating is just as daunting. The odds of getting any success have become steeper.  Don't you worry though. Here's a rousing talk from Mark Duplass on how to make a film and viz a viz how to make it in films.

It's his keynote at the South by Southwest 2015 festival. Granted it's optimistic and it somehow sees a worldview where everything into place but it does bring out the man's and his brother Jay's can-do spirit. Together they have risen above the mumblecore ranks - a genre characterised by twentysomething directors making indulgent character-based films starring their friends. The two Duplass brothers continuously churned out funny, off-kilter comedies and have scored a deal with both HBO and Netflix. Needless to say the climb uphill was tough and they didn't have much support when they started. No cavalry in Duplass' words. But I guess all you need is the will to climb ahead and possibly some wise words from Duplass.

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