Monday, 23 March 2015

Buy Books At The Best Bargain Possible at the Books By Weight Sale at Sunderbai Hall.

Books. All ink and paper. You'd think it'd be cheap to cultivate reading as a habit but it isn't. You could actually save if you went out and watched Gone Girl the movie instead of reading Gone Girl the book. Books haven't realigned their prices to the digital age. And they clearly aren't in line with the coming generation that's used to getting everything for free. But we'll talk about it done other time. You like books. You want to buy them on the cheap. What do you do?

Well, there's this solution I discussed before. The other one is to wait it out and visit the Books By Weight sale held by Butterfly Books at Sunderbai Hall in Church gate.

Like your old raddi wala, they sell books by the kilo. A 100 for novels. 200 for children's books. 300 for series like 50 shades and Harry Potter. (Never thought I would use 50 shades and Harry Potter in the same sentence.)

The quality of books is surprisingly good. The collection though, leaves much to be desired. Most of the books are imported from British libraries and you'll easily spot popular Brits there. Hornby. Fielding. David Lodge. Plus heaps of Modern Penguin's classics. Connoisseurs of thrillers and romantic novellas won't go back disappointed either.

The service and staff are passive and passive aggressive by turns. You'll have to be eagle eyed to find a good book. It's not a library. It's a marriage hall where heaps of books are unloaded on large tables usually used for catering. Any who, you are there for the books. Not the idle chit chat or the scenery.
It's commendable how the sellers of these analogue artifacts have quickly adopted to technology. Look up Books By Weight on Facebook and you'll know when the next sale is. In fact, WhatsApp them on 98 21 026234, and they will even add you to a group full of book nerds and keep you posted on future sales.

At times, they even let people know if a particular book is in stock or if a particular author's books have been sold out. Now that's the kind of real time marketing plus inventory keeping even Amazon hasn't mastered yet.
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