Saturday, 28 February 2015

I Wrote a Lot of Cutesy Stuff Back Then.

In my old organisation, my HR used to sit right behind me. Which worked out wonderfully for her because every time she needed someone to churn out a topical thing for any of the festival celebrations, she'd just turn to me. To her credit, she did give me a Snickers bar for every piece I wrote. And I guess I didn't mind taking a shot at them.

The first one was for Father's Day. They were giving away McDonald's coupons or something of the sort to all the fathers in the building along with the greeting. That's why the entire copy has the feel of get more 'family time' with your family. A lot of folks in the agency loved it. Some even wrote to the HR saying that the card really struck a chord with them.

Father's Day Greeting.

For the next one, you can guess the occasion.

I don't write much of these things at my new job. Maybe because the HR department sits in another city and I won't get any Snickers for them. Anywho, I should make it a point to do so hereafter.
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