Monday, 5 January 2015

Remember When Vivek Oberoi Was Cool?

A few years back Saathiya came out and it was cool for its time. But what I always remember about Saathiya is AR Rahman's great tracks. Including this one:

And one thing that makes you love this number even more is the way it was picturised. I mean, with the right mix of sound and video, we see Vivek Oberoi at his likable best. He actually seems quite cool here and in there lies the beauty of Bollywood. Ensure your movie has great music and you would inevitably have a hit at hand. Think about great movies that were financial duds and you'd find most of them didn't have good music. So the big takeaway - even if you are working with newbies, even if the lead is the producer's talentless progeny, you can make things work by getting some songs in the mix.

On that note, here's a cool cover I discovered.

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