Monday, 19 January 2015

Find Your Me Time.

I know you've been working 12-hour workweeks. I know you have a 2-hour commute to make. And yes, I also know its 2-hour both ways. I know you have a thousand errands to run over the weekend. Errands you are most certainly going to push to the next week. Look, I know your to-do list will never be close to complete yet what I'm asking you to do something for yourself.

Whether it's sipping coffee by yourself in the evening while looking at the sunset or trying to start a new hobby, unless you find a way to take out time to do something for yourself every you, you are going to lose it. And it's not that you need to do this for yourself, it's for your loved ones, and your work. Some quiet time will do you a world of good. It'd keep you sane. It'd let you stop from getting too involved in things and let you come back with a fresh perspective. It'll ensure that on your next round of interviews, you will actually have something nice to say when they ask, 'So, what do you do for fun?'

If you think you are too busy to afford yourself the luxury of 20 minutes every day,  you are wrong. You do get 1440 minutes just like every one else, and giving yourself 1.3% of it isn't going to bring the world to a halt. So go on, take a break. 

PS: The title of the post reads as if it's an Expedia ad. :)

This was written as a part of Seth Godin's 7-day long #YourTurnChallenge. It aims at getting people to blog for 7 days continuously and getting them to commit to shipping things. I blogged about a great ad yesterday but I wanted to right something more straight from the heart and then couldn't find the time. Yes, couldn't give myself some 'Me Time'. I hope the post before it still counts. 
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