Thursday, 22 January 2015

Better Living through Your Mobile.

As much as I like to run, I can't bring myself to do it regularly. I could debate that it's not my fault what with a 12-hour work day and not being able to just get up but the fact is every time I don't run my health takes a hit. Every time I do my sinus issues are not acting up, I'm even more energetic and let's face it spending less time hunched near a computer.

I'm sure most of you face this issue. While a complete overhaul of your life is less than likely, little changes are. Say you try a little app called Google Fit.

Then you could start walking a little more every day. You could turn everyday exercise into a little game - you could beat yourself as I did on Tuesday or you could barely meet my target as I did on Wednesday. Fact is you'd haul your ass, get some exercise and if anything, have a little fun for no expense.

The best part of the app isn't it's functionality. Yes, it doesn't eat as much power as a traditional pedometer app. It's  a stellar execution of Google's in-house material design philosophy. What really makes me value the app is how it shows that with just a little change, your phone and technology in general can help you live better.

On that note, let me reinstall Duolingo again.

PS: Shipping every day is hard. Well harder than I expected it to be. Hope you are enjoying reading through my #YourTurnChallenge posts too.

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