Tuesday, 16 September 2014

We Should All Sing a Little More.

I got a new job. It has stretched my already long commute by 20 minutes or so.  To top it, my folks are out of town. So I have to shoulder a whole new bunch of  'domestic' responsibilities now. All this doesn't help make my morning mood better. Not that I was ever an early morning person. I firmly believe that all morning-loving people should be gathered and made to live on Antarctica. (Will add to my To-Do List once I become the emperor of the world.)

But this doesn't concern that. It actually concerns a janitor who works on the washroom of our office's floor. Every morning when I step in to just splash some water on my face, I see him. Actually I hear him. Scrubbing the loo, rinsing the sink. All the while humming a jolly tune. Just a crinkle of a smile on his lips.

Not that he's a good singer or anything but he sort of shut me up for good. I mean at least my whiny interior monologue. I used to sing a lot too. Not aloud. Well, not aloud all the time, at least. I still hum to myself while commuting or while just doing random chores. It's just something I do. It lifts my spirits. Actually even research shows that singing helps you be healthy. May be it's the kind of shitty Yo Yo Honey Singh music being doled out today or the fact only EDM gets any acclaim that I don't have anything to sing to. But it's true, I haven't been singing much.

So I swear today to sing. To sing as often as I can. To inflict upon the world my off-key croaky drone. Because if the janitor on my floor has something to sing about, we all sure as hell can find something to sing about too.

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