Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Anxiety Can Actually Be Enjoyable, Explains Corrine Bailey Rae.

Do you remember Corrine? The lovely Brit singer who sprang on the scene in 2006 and came back with a more mature sound (or lyrics) with 'Sea' - her second album? You have to listen to her. And if you do have to start somewhere, start with 'Trouble Sleeping'. As the title suggests, it's about her struggles to go to sleep while she's (over)thinking about her relationship. The beauty of the song is that almost all of us can relate to this. It somehow gives the impression of someone who's just starting to see someone or getting to know them better. The early anxiety of a new blossoming romance is such a pleasurable pain. You may have been up at nights because of exams, tax worries, job concerns but when you are up at night wondering about all the romantic possibilities a person opens up for you, you don't regret it that much.

And if you have survived my verbal barrage, let Miss Corrine explain it to you in a more melodious way in her honey-soaked sultry voice.

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