Sunday, 24 November 2013

The Nineties Had the Best Earworms.

Remember the Nineties? Remember the movies? Guys with mutton chops, really long hair and Akshay Kumar being the shit. Like 'the' hot shit. Anyway, Bollywood had some really awkward years in the Nineties. As a result of this we are left with a lot of anomalies. Like Phool aur Kaante. This hit film released the year I was born and sort of put Ajay Devgan on the map. It was a college comedy that turns dark as all Nineties films were wont to and then turned into a Karate Kid seeks vengeance.

So when a few days back JCVD, yes you know the man who made Nineties awkward for Hollywood returned in this really epic commercial for Volvo.

I loved the commercial and it's really one amazing campaign but it got me thinking, 'Meh, apna  Ajay Devgan (Devgn now, is it?) did this like 2 decades back.' No shit, check this out.

Then while I was telling an Art Director at work about the film. He couldn't remember it. So a slightly older Account Guy - one who probably saw this flick on the big screen sang this song to remind him. And ever since then the song's stuck in my head. It's not really a bad song, except that it is a Nineties song which mean it either had Kumar Sanu or Udit Narayan singing it with either Anuradha Puadwal and Sadhna Sargam. This one features Kumar and Anuradha. The lyrics are as silly as they get and you have Shakti Kapoor frolicking in the swimming pool for no reason. That's always worth a watch. So is the female lead struggling to say, 'Oh my God!'

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