Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Taglines for Kurla Tourism.

Think Saki Naka is bad? You ain't seen nothing yet baby. Come to Kurla. Or as they call it hell on earth. Every day I lose minutes of my life stranded in its traffic. Every day I beg rude rickshaw-wallahs to take me to their destination - to actually do the jobs they are supposed to do. Every day my feet make contact with the muck of its potholed roads. So this is my tribute to Kurla. A few pro bono taglines. 

Kurla - Meet Mother Nature's shithole.

Kurla - A pothole on every corner.

Kurla  - Come for the BKC shortcut, stay because of the traffic jam.

Kurla - It's just like Bandra, except for the sea, the babes and the booze.

Kurla - Where none of the fun is.

Kurla - When you crave a slow painful death.

Kurla - Where you will be, when your karma catches up with you.

Kurla - Discover hell on earth.

Kurla - Satan's own country.

Kurla - Puts Andheri East to shame. 
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