Tuesday, 8 October 2013

How to Buy Books at the Best Price Possible.

You love books. You want to spend every spare moment reading. The only trouble is books are expensive. Even buying ebooks for your tab doesn't help cause ebooks are expensive too. What's worse is that even tabs are expensive. What do you do? You search for bargains. You thank the e-retailers for giving you the best deals. Then the next day at work that weasel-faced colleague* of yours says he picked up the same Dan Brown bestseller for half the price# on another website. And then you admit defeat and think twice before buying any book. Or you can avoid all the hassle and the pain and humiliation of paying a penny more than you need to by visiting www.indiabookstore.net

The site compares prices of the book you want across all major e-retailer websites and gives you the best deal for the books you want. Kinda like Hotels.com for books. Now why didn't anyone think of this before? So just hit search and save on the next book you buy.

* Do pass on the post to that weasel-faced colleague. Remember to rub it in that he hadn't heard of India Book Store before.

# Don't read Dan Brown. For the love of God and/or the written word. 
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