Monday, 2 September 2013

The Beard Is Not an Invitation.

My beard took over my cheeks sometime back. The response to that has been fairly divisive. From flattery that likened me to early Clint Eastwood to remarks that focused on my resemblance to the Hindi film villain's henchmen. From 'Your beard hides your dimples, shave it' to 'We have a client meeting today. Why can't you just shave like us normal people?' I think I heard it all.

Although once I got acquainted to the veiled compliments and barbed remarks, a disturbing pattern emerged. Strange men with beards, beards far less impressive than mine of course, started adding me on Facebook. Here's an exhibit:

I can't be your beard buddy.
So to you strange men I say. I support your cause. No, our cause. Of letting our scraggly beards wild upon our faces and into the world. But geez guys, keep them to yourself and stop adding me on Facebook. 
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