Saturday, 7 September 2013

Love the new Levi's Commercial. More or Less.

Check out this new commercial from Levi's for its Revel line of jeans. Pretty cool direction, nice sound track. Lovely match cuts at 0:10 and a nice line that sums up the product benefit in the end. But what's missing here are women? I mean Revel as a shapewear denim product helps give better shape to women's bodies then why does the ad only show beautiful skinny women. How are consumers to know if the product is working or not? Although guys are least likely to complain thanks to all the lovely ladies here.

PS: Major brownie points for Levi's for possibly being the only fashion brand that uses a lot Asian models too. I think there's an Indian one in this commercial too. 'Yeaaaaah', as they go in the commercial.

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