Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Thank You, Kind Stranger for Making My Monday Memorable.

Excuse me if I go a little Blanche DuBois on you right now. I came to work today feeling slightly downbeat. The mere sound of Mondays doesn't put me in my best moods. Add to it the fact that I had slept late last night. An odd masochistic ritual I repeat diligently every Sunday. I came in thinking, 'Damn, this is going to be one long week' and then I found this on my table.

The Anniversary edition of Harper's was on my desk and the lovely bikini-clad Katrina Kaif on the cover was telling me, 'Listen buddy, if I can get through making my debut with Bad Man Gulshan Grover, you can get through Monday.' I guess when a super-hot bikini clad model with mediocre acting skills says things like these, you just have to agree.

I asked around later who left the copy on my desk. (If you go through my blog, you will realise that this sort of a thing happens a lot at my office.) Surprisingly no one had a clue. Some kind stranger decided to cheer me up by leaving it on my desk. To thee, dear stranger, I solemnly thank. I will also have you know that am partial to Chitrangada Singh though. 
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