Friday, 30 August 2013

I Wish I Had Written This.

In this section of the blog, I wax poetic about works - films, ads, tweets, etc. I wish I had come up with. Like this clutter breaking TVC from good ol' Wieden + Kennedy for Southern Comfort.

Clutter breaking is a word that gets thrown around lightly in advertising, but this is an exception. Where alcohol brands are full of commercials showing good looking 20 somethings charming everyone, this Southern Comfort ad makes an exception. The spot simply follows a man who's clearly above 50. He's pudgy and with a walk that's so cool, it will give the coolest cat in town a chase for its money.

What's more, it gets the point across without saying too much. Southern Comfort's the drink of choice for confident people who are comfortable in their skin. Just like this cool chap seen here. Do the attractive 20 somethings in other alcohol commercials make their consumers believe they look attractive while guzzling their beer? Not really. Instead why not go for a more believable approach - be more comfortable in your skin. After all, nothing's ever been more attractive than confidence.

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