Sunday, 16 June 2013

Shit the Samsung Galaxy S4 cannot do!

There's the powerhouse octa-core processor, then there are features like Air Gesture which allow you to view messages without touching the screen and Smart Pause which pauses your videos when you look away. All in all the Samsung Galaxy S4 is a formidable phone. In fact, far more powerful than my Google Nexus 4, which only a few days back was the fastest phone on the planet.

But there's one thing the S4 can't do? And that's this.

360 Panorama / Street View pictures - eat your heart out Galaxy S4!

Yes, there's an S4 review on my monitor.

PS: This outburst has a lot to do with my phone not being the fastest phone on the planet anymore and it being outrun by the Sony Xperia and HTC One X. But I love you nonetheless my beloved Nexus. I shall continue to defend you through idiotic blog posts.

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