Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Look Ma, I'm the Top Commenter on YouTube.

Whether we admit it or not, we all are secretly waiting for this moment.

The moment when a snide remark, a small hash tag, a cogently formed argument is recognised by fellow netizens and collectively championed by the web.

That much-awaited moment finally arrived for me. 

Today The Lonely Island (a ginormously popular parody rap/pop group) released a new single as a part of the YouTube Comedy Week.

And granted the song doesn't have the same sound associated with their popular hits like 'Dick in a box' or 'Like a Boss', but it still struck a chord.

Here they went for a mature approach, addressing the human bondage we are all tied down by and thus delivering an expression of the collective human experience. 

Anyway, here's my comment highlighting just that, which was the most top-rated comment for sometime during the day. 

Top rated Youtube Comment

The comment reads:
'Geez guys, notice the subtlety here! They talk about diaper money, the unhappiness and the sexlessness in marriage and end with Samberg buying a grave plot. Full circle of life, all under 2 min. This shit is too profound for a rap song.'

Find the actual video after the jump and yes, it's all batshit crazy and good fun. 

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