Saturday, 30 June 2012

What I have been up to lately.

This is a movie review I had written months back for a UTV World Movies Contest. The movie in case being, 'Anything for her', an entertaining crime drama, if you get a chance to see it, do watch it, those are 2 hours well spent and if you don't, it's not that you will miss out on much. And, since I am posting it here, yes, I did win the contest. C'mon even am entitled to a certain amount of hubris. But, there were a few errors; firstly the contest was only open for citizens of Australia. And, I am not even 1/10th Australian by any standard. So, I asked them to send the prize to a friend of mine who studied there. Since I robbed a rightful Australian of his prize, Karma decided to balance it out. Karma, my folk continues to be a stuck-up bitch. For what it's worth Karma, I did not know the contest was open to Australians only, cut me some slack sometime, will you? Out of my 5 DVDs and the yearlong subscription of Film Ink Magazine, the people at World Movies conveniently forgot to send the 4 DVDs and I got only one of them. My friend who was sent only a single DVD thought that's all what I won and came back home with it. So, yeah, that kinda sucked. Although it became the most recent addition to my fledgling DVD collection and that movie, my friends is Takashi Miike's awesome '13 Assassins.'  Do read the review, it's actually shorter than this introductory post here. Just double click and it shall pop up on your screen. Magic, innit?

One more thing, although I liked the movie, I wished its story had instead been about how Lisa's son feels about her. We see that he starts acting distant when his mother is arrested and tried for murder. Well, any sensible kid would. I wondered how interesting a movie it had been had it been about the life of this boy. He grows up to be a man who can't trust women and why? Well, his own mother turned out to be a murderer. Now, that's a movie I'd pay to see.
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